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Fees are an important consideration when deciding on the dental treatment options that are right for you. We know this is the case, so we offer a number of ways to pay for your treatment, we also ensure that our fees are never a surprise to you. We don’t want the barrier to healthy teeth and gums to be financial.

NHS Charges from 1st April 2018

Band 1: £21.60
Examination, diagnosis, x-rays and a scale and polish if required
Band 2: £59.10
Band 1 plus fillings, root fillings, extractions and extensive periodontal treatment
Band 3: £256.50
Band 1 and 2 plus crowns, bridges and dentures
Urgent treatment: £21.60

At present, we are unable to accept new NHS Patients, but we can accept new Independent Patients and provide high quality, affordable dentistry. This allows you, the Patient, to decide how often you see the Dentist and most importantly, allow you to get the most appropriate care tailored to your needs. Patients opting to attend on an Independent basis will enjoy more flexible appointment times and more control over their treatment.

Everyone is welcome to register as an Independent Patient. If you have any questions at any time, you are welcome to call our friendly staff on: 01484653218.

Our objective is to offer comprehensive dental care at a cost, which is affordable. A consultative approach also matters and the Dentist treating you will fully discuss cost and treatment options prior to formulating a treatment plan.
We believe this transparency on fees is important and a clear guide to Independent Patient fees is given on this website.

We have three payment options for adult Patients and will always take the time to discuss them with you at your initial consultation to ensure you are receiving the best value for money, all of the options allow us to provide the highest quality of service, spend sufficient time with each Patient, use the best materials and offer the greatest treatment choice.

All initial consultations include a full oral health check, gum assessment, and oral cancer check. Any necessary small x-rays are included in the price.

Option 1. Pay as you Go

Under this option Patients pay the full private fee for all treatment completed. It is ideal for those Patients who have their own independent dental cover, for example through work, or for those who simply wish to pay each time they attend. Click here for a breakdown of our independent treatment rates


Options 2 & 3. Denplan – helping to make first class dentistry more affordable

At Colne Valley Dental Care we understand that many of our Patients appreciate the chance to split their payments into convenient monthly payments.  We work with Denplan to make this option possible.

Patients can choose from two different schemes, both of which includes Denplan supplementary insurance.


Denplan Care (Option 2)

Includes restorative care from your Dentist including fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges (excluding lab fees), periodontal treatment and hygienist visits. You need to be dentally fit to join this scheme, as it is a maintenance scheme. The fee is set according to your predicted future dental needs.

Monthly Fees for 2018

Category A

Category B

Category C

Category D

Category E






The condition of your mouth determines the category you are placed in, this is based upon a pre-set scoring system that your dentist will use


Denplan Essentials (Option 3)
Includes routine preventative care
Monthly Fees for 2018

Category A

Category B

Category C








The condition of your mouth determines the category recommended by your dentist, this is based upon your dental needs.
Category A includes: 1 annual dental examination, which will include any necessary x-rays and 1 routine gum treatment
Category B includes: 2 annual dental examinations, which will include any necessary x-rays and 2 routine gum treatments
Category C includes: 2 annual dental examinations, which will include any necessary x-rays and 4 routine gum treatments
You pay for restorative care as you need it. You also receive 20% discount off any work needed.


Cover following dental injury or dental emergency

As a mandatory part of your dental plan, Denplan arranges Supplementary Insurance for you. This provides you with worldwide dental injury, dental emergency cover and access to the Denplan 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline.